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California Farm / Fresh Fruit Box

Exotic Fruit Variety Box - Same / Next Day

Exotic Fruit Variety Box - Same / Next Day

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Exotic Fruit Variety Box - Same / Next Day

Estimated Delivery: June 25 - June 27

Take A Journey Through Our Best Fruit 🌞 🌈

🏝️ Uniquely delicious – Incredible selection of farm-fresh exotic fruit delivered right to your door. From tangy-sour to earthy-sweet, our seasonal variety box is sure to delight and surprise!

💪 Nutrient powerhouse – Sun ripened seasonal fruits are Nature's supplements! Enjoy Mother Nature's bounty as intended, and benefit from a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and more to help you feel amazing and live your best life.

😋 Culinary delight – Create jaw-dropping “masterpiece” meals, smoothies, and desserts with these irresistible tropical delights – explore new fruits you’ve never had before. Treat yourself and go on a fruit adventure!

Our 'Winter's Best' Variety Box includes a diverse mix of seasonal exotic fruit. You will discover fruits such as:

Longan – Sweet, subtly musky notes, with a mellow exotic flavor of citrus and melon. Bright juicy flesh around a hard black seed.

Dragon Fruit – A 'super food' favorite, perfectly blending sweet + earthy flavors like pear and kiwi. When you think of “exotic tropical fruit” – this is it!

Persimmon – Tantalizing textures from crunchy to custard-like. Sweet and lightly astringent. Incredible unique fruit. A must-try for any fruit lover.

Passion Fruit – A tart, tangy fruit with a unique, jelly-like pulp inside. A chef's favorite for its strong and versatile flavor profile.

Jujube – Apple's mild cousin which transforms into a sweet chewy 'date' as it ripens. Nothing else quite like a jujube. 

Guava – Classic exotic fruit that everyone loves. Intensely aromatic and comes in all shapes, colors, and flavors. Perfect for snacking or cooking with. 

Pomelo – Unique asian citrus with large 'crunchy' sections that can be snacked on without making a mess! A unique relative to grapefruit. Sweeter and subtler flavor.

Caviar Lime – Nothing quite like citrus in the fruit kingdom. Inside each lime are many tiny citrus 'beads' that explode on the tongue like pop rocks!

Starfruit – Interesting fruit and beautifully 'star' shaped. Its mild taste and unique shape make it a perfect addition to any fruit salad. It browns along its edges as it ripens.

Mango – Another classic exotic fruit, beloved by many for good reason! Powerfully sweet taste and smell with a juicy creamy texture. Just YUM.

Sugar Cane – Whole raw cane, perfect for juicing or snacking on. A staple in many households and exploding in popularity as a true natural and healthy sugar.

Note: Variety Box contents may vary as Mother Nature's fruit can ripen at different times. If there is a specific fruit you would love to receive please let us know in a order note :)

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      • Fresh Fruit Guarantee

      • Local California Farm

      Delicious Exotic Fruit Variety Box, curated for the ultimate fruit experience.

      Ultra Fast & Free Shipping: Order before the timer expires to ship same day via free premium shipping. Get your fruit extra fast in 1- 2 days!

      Fruit In Season: Cherimoya, lychee, passion fruit, mangosteen, mango, longan, atemoya, dragon fruit, longan, and more!

      Note: specific fruit each week can vary as weather can impact availability.

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      Variety Box info

      🌴 Shockingly tasty and healthy - what's not to love about exotic fruit!

      📦 In The Box: A seasonal assortment of fresh exotic fruit from our California farm. Lovingly packed for a safe journey, with a ripening guide and recipe ideas. Guaranteed to arrive perfect to enjoy or replaced for free!

      Summer Season Exotic Fruit:
      • Atemoya
      • Caviar Lime
      • Cherimoya
      • Dragon Fruit
      • Guava
      • Kumquat
      • Longan
      • Lychee
      • Mango
      • Mangosteen
      • Papaya
      • Passion Fruit
      • Rambutan
      • Sugar Cane
      • And more..
      + Ripening Guide!

      Note: Specific fruits each week can vary as weather can impact ripening and availability.

      💪 Health Benefits: Eat 'the rainbow' with our super seasonal assortment of exotic fruit. An abundance of micro nutrients and antioxidants, these exotic superfoods are often found in traditional medicines around the world.

      😋 How To Enjoy: Your variety box will come with a ripening and recipe guide. In general, exotic fruit can be ripened safely on a cool shaded counter and stored in the fridge for 1-2 weeks once desired ripeness levels are reached.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      We ship from the farm Monday - Thursday.

      Any order placed after Thursday cut-off will be shipped on Monday.

      Note: any additional items in your order may ship separately and are not gauranteed the same special shipping window

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      100% Fresh Fruit Guarantee

      Free replacement of any fruit that doesn't arrive fresh and delicious.

      Real Farm. Real Fruit.

      RATED 4.9/5 ON GOOGLE
      20,000+ love delicious exotic fruit

      Real Farm. Real Fruit.

      20,000+ enjoy delicious exotic fruit

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