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Red Dragon Fruit Plant, Rooted Cutting (American Beauty)

Red Dragon Fruit Plant, Rooted Cutting (American Beauty)

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plant facts
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size plant facts healthy fruit support local
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Cultivate Your Own Tropical Heaven

💪 Strong Healthy Cuttings – These rooted cuttings with strong roots can product fruit in their second year of planting. Taken from our healthiest and best-tasting plants on our farm!

📜 'The Secrets' Care Guide – Your cuttings come with a detailed care plan, full of secrets and expert advice from our years of producing exotic fruit & trees!

🏝️ Create Your Exotic Fruit Paradise – Red-fleshed American Beauty is the crown jewel of the Dragon Fruit family. Known for being sweet, large, and self-pollinating.

🤝 Connect With Fellow Growers – Your new tree is just the beginning! Join our network of exotic fruit fans who help each other grow their dreams :)

Dragon Fruit Plant Facts

Where We Grow Best 🌎

Growing Zones:

  • Outdoors: 10-11 (w/ frost protection)
  • Patio/Greenhouse: 9-11

Light & Sun:

  • Full sun to partial shade (at least 6 hours sun / day)

Soil & Moisture:

  • Well-draining, sandy soil, moderate fertility, and 6.0-7.0 pH
  • Regular watering (let soil dry between sessions to avoid water logging)
  • Drought conditions can slow growth and cause flowers and fruit to drop prematurely

Harvest Season:

  • Summer and Fall, but can produce sporadically year round depending on micro climate

Self Fertile:

  • Yes

Unique Fruit Appeal 🦄

🌵 Desert Delight - Dragon Fruit's delicate, subtly sweet flavor, with hints of kiwi and pear, offers a unique taste adventure that stands out even among exotic fruits.

🌏 Far East Treasure - Hailing from Central America but cherished in Southeast Asia, Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya, has carved a special place in culinary traditions, from Vietnamese salads to Thai desserts.

👨‍🍳 A Culinary Star - Dragon Fruit's mild sweetness, vibrant color, and distinctive texture make it a versatile and attractive addition to dishes, winning the favor of chefs around the world.

Dragon's Surprising Origins 👪

🌵 Unique Cactus - Dragon Fruit is one of the few cactus species to bear edible fruits. It has exceptional resilience from its desert heritge, enabling it to thrive in a variety of climatic conditions.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Star of the Desert - Amidst the hundreds of Cactaceae species, Dragon Fruit shines brightly. It's night-blooming flowers are an enchanting spectacle. They bloom under the cover of darkness and wilt by dawn, a rare occurrence in the plant kingdom.

👑 Mesoamerican Roots - The history of Dragon Fruit is as intriguing as the fruit itself. Native to the dry regions of Mesoamerica, it has traveled far and wide, becoming a cherished part of many cultures across the globe. Today, it is especially popular in Southeast Asia. This journey from arid Mesoamerican landscapes to tropical and subtropical regions worldwide showcases the adaptability and charm of this desert-born fruit.

Nursery Info & Disclaimer ☀️

🧐 Nursery Inspections - We carefully inspect every tree before shipping in custom tree boxes. Our 💯 Safe Tree Guarantee ensures your tree will arrive alive and in fair condition.

🌱 Caring For Your Tree - Every tree comes with detailed instructions for proper care. Please note that not all plants are suited to every environment. Please check your specific micro-climate before purchasing.

🚛 Shipping To Your State - We're located in California and ship trees to all US states except Hawaii and Alaska. Some states may have specific rules and regulations on importing certain trees. We are not responsible for any import issues to your address after a tree has left our farm. Please check your local laws before ordering.

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Our 💯 Fresh
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  • The perfect gift for foodies, health nuts, fruit lovers, and adventurers.

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